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"The Road Less Travelled Just Got Paved..."

"International photojournalist Liz Gilbert sets out on an unforgettable journey through remote Africa to reconnect with the tribes-people she documented a decade earlier. Taking along an unlikely crew of safari first-timers, Gilbert brings cinema slide shows to remote villages where audiecnes experience photography projected  on a silverscreen for the first time. Dodging everything from floods to bullets along the way, the crew confronts the personal, environmental and societal dilemmas existing in a rapidly changing continent."


To read reviews, view screening schedules and learn more about The Last Safari, please visit the film's website at:

     “For anyone who has ever faced a difficult moment, or grappled with a decision in the blink of an eye, The Last Safari is a must-watch." - Huffington-Post

“Gilbert, who traveled light and camped in local villages, clearly developed a deep respect and affinity for her subjects. Her (work) will go along way toward making sure others do too.”

                                - Susan Greenebrg, NEWSWEEK

" spectacle and a showcase for amazing images this film is as good as it gets. Seeing Gilbert's photos larger than life is awesome in the truest sense of the word. Equally awesome are the shots of the people and places that they encounter. The Massai ceremonies are somewhere beyond words. If you can see this on a big screen do so, trust me on this your eyes will thank you.” - UNSEEN FILMS

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